Our suppliers from Poland are guarantee of the highest quality of meat. We take extra care to make sure our meat comes from legitimized farms, that provide proper nutrition and standards of animals raising. We use high standards for products transportation, so our meat is fresh and tasty, when in reaches its final destination.



Proper meat cutting is essential process, that must be carried through with HACCP standard. Ramp Trade products are known of delicate and springy structure that is due to the proper meat processing.



Ramp Trade poultry is distinguished by its taste and pleasant aroma. It’s juicy and full of valuable to our body nutrions. Thanks to those nutritional values and low fat, our products are chosen by restaurants and gastronomic enterprise. We are acknowledged by customers and the proof to that words are many awards that we got so far.


About us

The most important thing to us - is taste!

Ramp Trade – we are a dynamically developing enterprise in the meat industry.

We are dynamicly growing enterprise focused on meat cutting –
especially chicken and turkey.
In our offer you can find fine quality meat that comes only from recognized farms and suppliers. Our meat is healthy, and has delicious, natural taste.

With hard work, reliability and the highest quality products, we are recognised by Clients in Poland and across Europe.

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RampTrade is not only about poultry. Find more about our work.


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- quality meat producer

Join our team of professionals. We offer fine working conditions and clear career path. Looking for a job? Contact us!

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