OFERTA - Production


We produce highest quality products not accidentally. Taste, smell and nutrition of Ramp Trade chicken and turkey meats are result of well thought-out production process, reliability and trusted sources.

Our priority is not only the final effect, nor the visuals. We focus on every step of poultry production, overseeing it thoroughly and in details.

We have implemented worldwide food production monitoring system HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point), which prevents contamination on early stage of production. All risks are minimalized by HACCP on the very beginning, instead of evaluating the end product, which is much more dangerous for our employees and customers.

Our production process is being constantly supervised by veterinary inspection to check poultry condition before cutting and deboning.

All those precautions reduce the risk of any complication to absolute minimum. All this combined with our team professionalism makes Ramp Trade poultry the highest quality products.