OFERTA - Suppliers


We know that poultry has a long way before it lands on your table. This is why we spend so much time on choosing the right supplier.

Our priority is to deliver high quality, healthy and fresh chicken and turkey meat to everyone in whole Europe. The scale of our operations requires full involvement and professionalism, as well as resilient supply chain.

We offer you always fresh and juicy poultry which comes from polish chicken and turkey farms. Methods of breeding are traditional and full natural there, which results in always fresh and nutrient-rich meat.

Our company implemented the highest standards of distribution and storage of poultry meats. This is why our products get more interest every year not only in Poland, but throughout the Europe.

Starting with our closest surroundings, through whole Poland and to farthest corners of Europe we choose only trusted suppliers. We have to be sure, that they will provide proper transport conditions for our chicken and turkey meat products. This is one of key ingredients of our meat taste.